Help! I’ve got an alarm/sewage backup! What do I do?

-First, determine if your pump is operated by a control panel or by demand with a float switch.
-If by demand, check to see if the breaker is tripped. Check to see if there is power at the pump. If there is power try to just wiggle the pipes and wires – sometimes this will free up a stuck float.
-If you have the plug-in style you can simply plug the pump directly into an extension cord or the outlet box, bypassing the float. If the pump turns on, you have a malfunctioning float; if the pump does not turn on, you probably have a bad pump. If the float was hanging up on something you can reposition it so that it will not interfere with other components.
-It is important to remember that the float setting is different for each system and should be set properly to ensure the proper dose is getting out to the downstream component.
-If controlled by a control panel you should check that the breaker is not tripped (it should be on a total separate circuit from the control panel). If the pump has power, you most likely have to much water going into the system, or a malfunctioning pump.
-If you do not have a pump and you are experiencing a back up you may have a outlet baffle filter that needs cleaning.